A Very Short Follow-Up

I haven’t really talked much about the meat and potatoes of depression, precisely: How did I get here? What is my process for going through it? The thing is, I’m overwhelmed by it.  It’s so long. So I’m throwing it at the internets: What do you want to hear about, if any of this? Do I go into an in-depth analysis of my psyche*? Should I just start at the beginning and work to the end, with the understanding that it will be – sorry – depressing at many points?

The pressure to give my back story is starting to nibble at my heels, is all. So. What do you think?

Thanks, internets. I give you background music, should you care to continue reading:

*There is no amount of money or alcohol that would get me to do that.


2 thoughts on “A Very Short Follow-Up

    • Oh, I’m fine with sharing it, but it’s a bit like starting a novel without an outline (for me). Where do I start? How will it progress? Does it need to be said, or should it be shown? (Yes yes, there’s a right and a wrong answer to that…)

      Actually, there’s a thought. I’ll write a mini-outline. Hmm.

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