The old Bait & Switch

You think it is innocent worm...

...But it is devil worm in disguise!

Today I wrote/edited two short stories and sent them out to paying markets. Right now I’m working on the ‘forgetting about them’ phase – This follows the Rules For Writing as I know them. I then left my house and had an absolutely wonderful afternoon wandering around with a couple of dear friends, and now I’m going to fall into bed with a Terry Pratchett novel and see if my dog will hang out with me while I read.

What I’m trying to say here is: This blog post? That I’m writing right now? It’s a fake. I’m almost out of words for the day. I’m only writing *this* so that I can redirect you to this:

Mount Rainier Considers its Mental Health

It’s . . . it’s a new take on depression, okay? Trust me, all ye who take my books all the time and thank me for recommending things to read: You want to enjoy this short story.  It’s a laugh and, of course, totally a metaphor for the painful reality of mental illness in our society.*

Mount Ranier was written by this guy. I met him at Viable Paradise Writing Workshop and he entertained the hell out of me. His writing is brilliant, often funny and always intelligent. His blog lives here: and you should probably check it out, especially if you dislike gluten or just enjoy good food. (I’m not explaining that, in the hopes that your curiosity will COMPLETELY OVERWHELM YOU.)

I hope everyone’s having a great weekend. If you love Spencer, tell him so in the comments of his blog or, I guess, this one, and I will shout at him on Twitter. Go on, it’ll make him really uncomfortable. It’ll be funny.

*Nope. Ain’t.


3 thoughts on “The old Bait & Switch

  1. Awwwwww and here I was really hoping you had written/edited and sent out two stories! But I guess I can be satisfied with a post about Spencer instead…maybe. 😉

    Will read the Spencestory in a bit, NaNoWriMo is kickin’ my butt right now. I did find out yesterday, however, that I am capable of writing 7,000 not altogether sucky words in a single day. Drug use or just an adrenaline high? Or shall I blame that pesky graph on the NaNo site, the one with the grey goal line teasing me mercilessly with the knowledge that I am BEHIND?? Only the shadow knows…

    • I did! I wrote a new short and re-worked/sent out my VP story again. Because I still love it, and I want someone else to love it enough to think it’s worth money. 🙂

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