UPDATE – Better Man Project

Since the last post on 30 Days to a Better Man post was my second-most read post of all time (128 people! Who are you guys?) I’ll start with the bettering of my manliness on Monday. A couple things:

1. Since I have no interest in being hissed at over this, I need to make it clear that I own none of this program. Except the stuff I will be writing, of course. In fact, the Art of Manliness folks (I think it was all done by Brett & Kate McKay) have built this thing into a pretty cool-looking e-book, which I’ve bought for the low-low-price of $3.99 ($4.06 CAD, in case anyone cares.)

Here’s the Art of Manliness Post regarding the e-book. It’s pretty cool – that link shows a hint of the e-book’s format.

2. As for the testicular exam, I’m taking suggestions…

Official mascot of the Better Man Project.


3 thoughts on “UPDATE – Better Man Project

  1. For No. 2, how bout having a heart to heart with your ovaries?

    My brother sometimes calls strong women ovarian rather than ballsy, which suggests some kind of parallelity.

    You hear me, parallelity 🙂

    • Parallelity. I like it. Yeah, I feel like the ovaries are the way to go, here, but I don’t want to sit around and talk to them.
      Imaginary conversation:
      Me: “Hey, how are you … two? Four? … Doing in there? Having fun? Anything weird happening?”
      Ovaries: “Well, the other day we -”
      Me: “EW, SQUISHY!”

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