Day 2: The Shiniest of Shoes

Day the Second.

That’s just a good sunshiney-day song, that is. I think my favourite bit is where he acts out the line, “Short on money but long on time,” because that’s pretty much how I dance: Acting out lyrics.

Today is a much easier assignment, but involves 100% more going-out-and-buying-things than yesterday. Since I’ve never actually owned shoe polish I had to go out and find some. Apparently there’s a shoe store in my neighbourhood. Who knew? Anyway, I got there just as they opened and was educated by a very knowledgeable woman about different kinds of shoe polish, polish v. weatherproofing, and the difference between shining leather and buffing suede. (Short version: Don’t mix them up.) She was also a fountain of information about local shops, restaurants, and where-to-find-the-best-coffee. (I already knew that last one, but had no idea about the first two.) So, unexpected bonus of the manject.

*Note: I am now calling the 30 Days to a Better Man Project ‘The Manject’.

Since I don’t have army boots, I’ll be working on these two badasses:

All the gear.

On the left of the photo are my very, very favourite pair of heels. Those shoes? Kick all the ass. All of the ass is kicked by them. I can walk, dance, run for a bus, or go for a job interview in those shoes. Pants love them. Skirts vie for places of privilege above them. And yet . . . and yet, they kind of look like shit. And they’re full of cat hair! Why?! Why does cat hair get everywhere?

Maybe you can’t see it in the photo? Okay. They’re scuffed fairly seriously on the heel from a night of dancing on gravel at an outdoor concert in Miami. (It’s a good way to get a scuff, if you’re a shoe. They even dance on gravel! Is this not amazing?) They’re dusty from living in the back of a closet, because really, I generally hit the town in my running shoes. I’m that kind of classy.

The other boots? Oh, these boots. They are warm, gore-tex lined, waterproof leather, vibram soles. I bought them in Victoria at Viberg. Viberg, for the most part, makes workboots and steel-toed boots for linemen, loggers and hunters. I wear these boots every day, almost all year. They weigh like, ten pounds, but when I went to Viable Paradise I brought them with me and was oh-so-glad of it. (Writer Camp is not for wusses.)

Annnnnnnnyway. They also look like shit, but at least they’re not full of cat hair as my heels are. According to the lady in the store this morning, the leather on these boots will crack if I expose them too often to salt water, which I do – again – on an almost daily basis. This little 30-day Manject will probably extend the life of these boots fairly hugely.

(I am required to note here that it HAS been suggested to me in the past, by many people – one of whom I live with – that I treat, condition, and waterproof these boots. But that’s just people! I can ignore people. This is the internet.)

I think I’ve run out of things to say. I will now go and shine the boots/heels.

<<Time passes.>>




And once they were all done: (This is a LOT of photos of shoes.)

See that pile of sand? That was all in the little eyelets of my boots. My boots EAT SAND.

Anyway, due to the removed shoe laces, this is how I’ll be spending the rest of the evening:


Next is Day Three: Find a Mentor. (Yeeps!)


8 thoughts on “Day 2: The Shiniest of Shoes

  1. Isn’t it strangely satisfying to have freshly polished shoes? Then you get to wear them around and every time you look down there all shiny and you feel happy. Maybe I just like shiny things.

    People will notice too – that’s the weird part, I think. Unless they’re a really bright colour (sorry Mom, it doesn’t want me to spell in Canadian. I know it’s wrong.) I don’t think I ever notice what someone has on their feet, but I bought a pair of pretty normal shoes last summer and almost everyone I know commented on them. Freaked me right out – not good with compliments.

    Point is, I think you’ll be surprised at the ripple effect of something so simple.

    Also, the same principle applies to taking white shoes that are no longer white and making them white again.

    • Hey, Andrew, you got colour right! (the Yanks don’t add the ‘u’) Maybe your computer is a Canuck after all. (not a hockey player)
      Moving along …
      Gwen, the transformation of your boots, especially, is amazing!! Can’t you just hear their little hides crying, “Thank you, thank you, thank you – we were sooooooooo parched!! Now just bring on the sand and the muck and the sea-water!! We are ready!”
      Amazing, and today I’m going to polish my black boots, inspired by you! I do have the polish, somewhere …

      • I think my shoes are happy, but you know. They’re shoes. I respect them for their awesome abilities but I don’t anthropomorphize them much . . . you know, it’s not like they’re vehicles.*

        *So much crazy.

    • “Taking white shoes that are no longer white and making them white again.”
      For some reason, that amuses me greatly 🙂 I’ll have to wear them out this weekend and see what happens! I don’t tend to like shiny things. More dull things, for camouflage. So, if we were birds, I would be a sparrow and you would be a . . . magpie?

    • Apparently I have a lot of suede shoes? That are green? And they can’t be touched with stuff?
      Why is this all made of questions? I guess it’s been a long time since I looked in my closet.

  2. >_> I need to waterproof my boots, even if I don’t actually shine them. I think your manject is also going to improve ME. *adds it to to-do list*

    • The Manject is all-seeing and lives to the betterment of us all as men. Or. Um.

      (Betterment? Doesn’t look like a word…but is not being spellchecked…)

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