Day 8: Start a Journal

Day 9: Take a Woman on a Date



4 thoughts on “Day 8: Start a Journal

  1. Thanks for the thanks – and I’m glad the non-judgmental message got through, above all others!! .. it was certainly Jesus’ teaching, and the reason we finally had to leave the church.
    Ironic, but true.
    I was sorely tempted to grab one of your journals when you were young and read it, when I knew you were out of sorts and I didn’t understand what was wrong. I’m pleased to tell you I never gave in to that temptation, so thanks for the chance to read one page today!

    • Hah! Well, thanks for not reading them. I’m sure they would have been full of AWESOME melodrama. One day I’ll find the box they live in, and be amused.

  2. You know, I used to keep a journal quite well. Mostly they still have about 1/5th of the pages empty at the back, because, like you I’d get bored…or want a change. You know, a fresh start. A new cover.
    And I LOVE re-reading them. I can make myself a little embarrassed, recalling what I was *sure* was an exceptionally profound moment of life, but actually was a hormonally induced/hungover/sleep exhausted ramble. Well, it being part of my growing up, probably it was profound. What with our brains not reaching stability until 24.
    Anyways, the best part is that the voice that’s in my journals from 10 years ago is the voice I still use. Sure, the language is different now, and the stories are less dramatic, but the heart that explored those thoughts and experiences is the same as this one. I guess it reminds me that what seems huge to me now will hopefully feel mundane, or at the very least familiar, to me in the future. Like a tiny note of encouragement from past-me to future-me.
    Good luck with this one! Have fun re-reading your old ones when you find that box they live in!

    • This is a special thing – I think my voice has changed quite a bit, and certainly I’ve stopped keeping journals in pencilcrayon (8-year-old Gwen thought it was cool to write every word in different colours) but yeah, the stream-of-consciousness, random idea style of mine is the same. And I have clearly always been prone to digression.
      I used to stop writing in the middle of an entry and flip to the back of the journal to start little stories and scribble diagrams for science class projects. The backs of my journals were always as full as the fronts, but they never met in the middle. The lure of new journals with shiny new covers was always too great. (Also I used to lose them on a fairly regular basis. Wait. Where is the one I just started?)

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