Oh you poor, sad, neglected little blog. I’m sorry I left you without saying a word. The truth is, things just got so busy, and I had to drop something – and it had to be you. (Everything else was paying the mortgage.) But I’m back now. We’ll finish our month-long project together, stretched out as it may be, and I’ll get back to doing the work of not being a human-on-the-couch.

I’ve been on Cipralex for nine months now. I could have made a new human in that time! Wait, maybe I did. (Ooh. Cheesy.) In contrast to last year, I am now (over)employed, volunteering a LOT, applying for a new education program, writing regularly, and socializing like a fiend. (Well. For me.) I have an interest in the world around me, which is a precious thing to gain and an equally shitty thing to lose – which leads me to this:

In the midst of filling my days with all of that stuff, I have nearly lost track of my internal reflections. This blog used to be the way in which I kept focus on my real progress, and I really want to maintain that.

So here’s me, trying to keep it up. I’m back, baby!


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