Back to the Manject: Day 10

I’m trying a fancy new scheduler gadget, so I hope it works…

My next task in the Manject is to Memorize ‘If’, by Rudyard Kipling. ‘If’ is a pretty great poem, and if (har har) I’m being honest, I’m not much one for poetry. Anyway, I spent a lot of my childhood reading bits and pieces of that poem – my dad had a shortened version somewhere – and I love it.

But. If this is a Gwen version of a Man project, shouldn’t I be able to find an equivalent piece of poetry about women? Something about their strength, and wit, and character, something about what drives them to succeed and how they dream and think? Yes, I should. But I can’t, so far. As I said: Poetry = not my forte, so there’s probably something out there, but my googlings have turned up a Whole. Lot. of poems about women’s beauty, and grace, and sex appeal, and (argh) fashion. None of which should be excluded! I count poise and confidence in sex appeal as brilliant traits among my dear friends, but come on. That’s far, far from all that they have to offer.

Bitch, bitch, bitch, you say. The correct course of action here is clearly: If I want a poem that doesn’t exist, I should write it. I don’t know quite how that would work out, but maybe I’ll have a go at it. If there are any talented poets reading this who want to write me something to memorize, or any students of such things who know of a poem I have been unable to find, please! Share!

In the interim, here’s what I was thinking: What if you all – that is, everyone who reads this or sees it on Twitter – commented, or tweeted to me (with, say, the hashtag #day10poem) a one-liner starting with the word ‘she’ about a woman in your life that inspires you. And I could put them all together in a great conglomeration of awesome, and we could make a community poem of sorts, that brings together a big fat list of all the things we admire in women.

What do you think? It only works if everyone plays, so it’s on you. No pressure. I think it’s worth a shot, so I’ll start – these are a bunch of different women in my life:

She never stopped learning
She meets the world each day with an open heart
She is the best listener I know
She can do the New York Times crossword puzzle in under twenty minutes (on a Sunday!)
She reads everything she can get her hands on
She is adored by her children
She has never let anything change her


9 thoughts on “Back to the Manject: Day 10

  1. Having just re-read “If”, I’ve got to admit that, though I’ve never read anything like this geared toward women, I have absolutely no problem relating to it. If you can find a good alteration for the third-to-last line to rhyme with girl or woman, that’s all I’d do. 🙂

    But then again, you are reading the words of a woman once criticized by a female high school teacher for choosing to read Kipling–she claimed it was “too masculine” and gave me the lowest marks I’ve ever gotten in an English-based pursuit. Of course–for that reason ALONE, I would memorize the poem as is (take that, stupid high school forensics coach!! Bwahahaha!). 😀

    • Maybe I should have been clearer – I love this poem dearly, not least because it reminds me of my father. I have nothing against it; I just thought I’d try to find something more specifically geared towards women. What I have a problem with is how hard it was to find anything!
      Besides which, it’s a fun reason to try and build a community poem. Which is a thing I just made up, I think.

  2. She inspired others, sometimes by accident, by being amazing.
    She always understands and leaves you feeling stronger.
    She’s like walking hand in hand with sunshine.

    My three – good idea, by the way.

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