The Finishing: A Writing Challenge


Once upon a time, I wrote regularly. Lately – getting used to DayJob, I think – it seems I can either write in this blog or write fiction, not both. But, see, I know that’s not true. I know I’m awake for sixteen hours a day. If I spend ten of those working (accounting for travel time), two of them either eating or preparing meals, and one of them walking the dog, I should still have three hours left. Let’s say I need to spend two of those three doing blah stuff, even (like laundry, or playing board games with my manfriend) I should still have an hour a day to write.

And that’s just wildly unrealistic, because life doesn’t work like that. I need to block out time for writing the way I block it out for work, or . . . um . . . board games.

Enter Sylvia, a friend of mine and fellow pilot who wrote the hilarious Fear of Landing: You Fly Like a Woman (and is working on a sequel). She blogs at and maintains a Twitter photo blog at She’s good people. We were discussing our mutual need for a kick in the ass as far as writing goes – I just need to write more, period, including on this blog, and Sylvia needs to finish what she starts.

So: You may have noticed the little word-counter widget on the right hand side of this page? Each day, we’re each committing to write a minimum of 500 words. Each week, we will finish one story – that is to say, done, edited, ready for submission. (Um. Anyone want to beta read?) The word counter widget will track words written, and at the end of each week we’ll post an update/wrap up of the week.

You can watch us bitch and moan, I expect, on Twitter if you look for the hashtag: #thefinishing.

This should go on for ten weeks, at which point we should each have a minimum of ten stories ready to sub, and a minimum of 35,000 words written. This is completely open to anyone, so if you want to join us, send me a note and let me know!


p.s. – I’ve been messing around with the theme of this blog, trying to find something that’s clean and simple and doesn’t have stupid, pre-set font (like the teeny tiny italics I had up for a brief moment yesterday.) Suggestions are welcome.






9 thoughts on “The Finishing: A Writing Challenge

  1. Heya Gwen! If I wasn’t doing Camp NaNo in August I would totally jump on board with this and get my writing buddy Jarrad to do so as well! Can we join up after NaNo ends and do the last five weeks or so with you guys?

  2. That sounds good to me, Anne!

    Also I did 589 today. But I just looked at Gwen’s total and realised she’s leaving me in the dust. I better get to work!

    • Week 1 update: 5,922 words written and completed “Old Flames”, a flash story which has been waiting over a year for me to revise it. Now done and submitted.

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