Cthulhu Baby Has Arrived

Sylvia, my fellow #thefinishing buddy, has sent me my very first Baby Cthulhu. AND I LOVE IT SO.

Some fuzzy cell-phone photos…

First, this little house. THEN THE WORLD.


TINY CAT. You will kneel before me!


The correct way to defeat a Cthulhu Baby is to sleep on it.


If I win #thefinishing, I will get two more baby Cthulhus. If Sylvia wins, I will make her a double-batch of my homemade soap…which will be so much soap. So very much.

Onward – I have things to submit tonight.



2 thoughts on “Cthulhu Baby Has Arrived

  1. Soooooo cute! I love the photo of the baby being slept on! I’m afraid our dogs would be more likely to attempt to defeat the cuteness by NOMming on it, though…

  2. Just checking in. I have an edit of a story that wasn’t right just about done but it still isn’t right so I’m not sure that counts. I have a new draft of a Dear John letter. Do two half-finished stories count as one finished one?

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