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“A lot of people I’ve talked to over the years have said they would never, no way, never go on anti-depressants. I actually used to sit comfortably in that camp as well. It seemed like admitting some kind of failure in myself – an inability to get over it, buck up, whatever.  I’ve known a few people since then who have used meds as a tool to get to a point where they could help themselves, and my opinion started to shift.  Now I’m firmly in the ‘if they work on you, why the hell not’ camp. What I’m saying here is, meds are great if they’re right for you. If they’re not, there are options. Most importantly, if you are taking something, I think it’s important to realize that there’s still work you have to do.  They’re not magic pills, you know? They don’t fix all of your problems. They just give you the ability to fix them yourself.”

 This is my story, and mine alone.  I’m by no means the worst-case-scenario for depression, nor am I the best. I don’t have a big sob story to tell and I don’t want to whine online (but no promises). I can only speak to my own experiences and I hope that others will do the same.

Be nice in the comments.  Remember how to voice your opinion, without being a jackass.


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